Happiness is beauty and hard to maintain… sometimes when you enter a relationship that happiness is there and it may seem to never go anywhere, but what happens when that happiness seems to just disappear. All of a sudden you change, your glow has left from the new love and the person who caused that glow is not trying to switch up that tempo to bring your glow back. Don’t shoot the messenger (me), but you my darling have been BAMBOOZLED!!! There are actually people out there that want to drain the happiness right out of you and that is horrible, however the exist… if the love is destroying you just leave.

Nothing and no one is worth your happiness, because it’s hard to really get that feeling. Think about it, if a person comes along and all of a sudden you are losing happiness they are not for you…. not everyone wants to see you happy, that includes the person that may be laying beside you at night. But then again sometimes it might just be you not loving yourself which causes self destruction,

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