It’ Not Me…. It’s You

Honestly, it is you and not me, and I refuse to believe that it is the other way around. You can not say, “you want me” and your actions are screaming it’s not like that. So what an I supposed to do blame myself for you lack of action or do I move on. I choose to move on!!!! I refuse to stay available just in case you might have time for me and you might prove that “you want me”. People make time for who and what’s important obviously I’m not important. Your words can hold me in place for so long.

Actions behind words are important to a person like myself, because I’ve been heartbroken just by words alone before. That’s why people say, “I’ve built up a wall, because I’ve been hurt so much”… Well, I’ve built a whole DAMN house. You’re beautiful, but the truth is ugly. So, yeah it’s definitely not me it’s YOU….

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