I’ll Take Your Man

Dear Sis,

I promise this is coming straight from a place of love. If you really believe in your heart of hearts that the man you are now with left his woman JUST FOR YOU is a reality, sadly you are beyond delusional! You didn’t do anything but acquire another woman’s problems. If you’re in the beginning stages you probably think, “she doesn’t deserve him”, or “I can really make him happy”…. The lies we women tell ourselves when we doing something we know is wrong just to sleep better at night. Sis, I’ve been where you are and in the end after it all played out the joke was on me, I should have just left that dude in his “unhappy relationship” (his words not mine). Sis, of course this dude is going to tell you the worse about the woman he is with to make you feel confident and secure and pretty soon you going to find yourself this woman (his woman) only off of his words. Sis, I get it you don’t want to be alone and this man is perfect for you, the only problem is this evil woman that he now all of a sudden can’t stand is who he goes home to every night, until he can get to the place where your household becomes an option. So now you have him in your house and you think this is your happily ever after…. Sis, your nightmare has just begun, because what this man didn’t tell you was the truth about HIM! And if he’ll cheat with you and leave her, what in the hell makes you think you are so special that you changed him (unless you have a pussy made of gold). Again, the lies we tell ourselves as women so that we sleep better at night. Pretty soon he’ll be telling your replacement the same things about you that he told you about your ex.

Sis, if a man leaves a relationship, please do not take credit for that, because it does not mean that you are the better person. And if he tells you that he left because he just had to be with you and all that other bullshit….. you better run understand you are never in too deep to walk away. If you going to be a side chick set boundaries and if he does decide to leave her don’t let that man go from living with her to living with you. He needs to have his own shit, because remember all that shit he talked about her, now it’s going to be the same pertaining to you and then he’ll leave your house and go to the need, it’s really just a continuous cycle you just fell into it. The big question no sis is….. Who is your replacement now?

My advice just be a mistress it’s not the same as being a side-chick and I heard it’s more beneficial and you have to deal with less bullshit…..

                                                      -K. Brooks

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