Let It Roll Off

People are going to talk about you no matter, if you are doing good or bad, people will always be worried about what you have going on and it’s a weird kind of worry, because they know you have the potential to be FUCKING great. And I say let them do their job with the talking and the worrying let them worry so much that you don’t have to. You owe nothing to those people that see your light and instead of embracing it and maybe taking notes they hide from the light and stay in the darkness trying to take you down from behind the scenes. Just le it ROLL OFF like water on the feather of a ducks back, because their words aren’t stopping you. They are not your monkeys and that is not your circus. Just be great and pray for those that curse you, don’t let people hinder you from your purpose, don’t look back and stoop to their level, because that is exactly what they want. Success is free and so is the freedom of speech and if the are talking behind your back that is great because that is where they are supposed to be anyway behind you. I personally believe if they weren’t talking I might be doing something wrong. Like I said, pray for these people, and then smile at them when you reach whatever it is that they were so hell bent on you not doing, but by then they will have become your biggest fans. Not everyone wants to see you succeed and that is fine but God does and at the end of all of this that is the only thing that matters…. People talking about you can’t stop you sweetheart only you can!…… Period Pooh!

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