Some people don’t need or want closure, I am not one of those people. I have to understand and talk out what happened and what went wrong and if I’m blaming another person for a problem that I helped create. I want to ask for forgiveness in where I hurt the other person (now what they do with my apology is their business), I also want the other person to know how things affected me as well. Getting closure is not an easy thing and if you’re like me you have to face your own reality. I don’t go around everyday trying to find closure, but if the opportunity is presented then I take full advantage. After the closure my conscious is clear and I can completely move on. Closure can apply to friendships, family, or relationships. However, that doesn’t mean that you and that person can go back to the way it was before you just have a more clear vision of what once may have been confusion.

Do not seek closure from people that knew they were doing you wrong!!!! Closure should only be for those that were close to your heart and it just ended unexpectedly and honestly a big misunderstanding. It may take years to get that closure, because you might not be ready to accept your wrong and look yourself in the mirror. Closure can sometimes be painful, or a little sad especially if you handle it the way I do because after that conversation is done I’m done door closed and locked. Closure is peace to me on a situation that I can now see clearly. Closure isn’t always necessary but it can be beneficial. It’s not for everyone, but I don’t want to keep making the same mistakes with the next person. I love closure.

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