To Know Him

To know him is to both love and hate him. To love him is a feeling of complete bliss and happiness that you don’t want to end, but in the back of your mind you know it will end eventually. To hate him feels like you will go out of your way to do things to him that you think will have him feeling the same hatred towards you.

To know him is knowledge that you know no matter what you don’t want to live without him. So, you choose to do both love and hate at the same time. He inspires and pursues you to do great things, his words sit so powerfully in your mind that you will begin to believe in yourself just like he does. Just the look in his eyes let’s you know that if you fall he will catch you and place you down, back on your feet so you can try again.

To know him is knowledge that he too will follow his dreams to greatness and he appreciates your words of encouragement, although because he is so strong he doesn’t want you to catch him when he falls. He prefers to feel the hurt, because that is what makes him get up and try harder.

To know him is to know he is not innocent and his hands are covered in blood from his past lives (he has lived many), and you can’t have a weak stomach or small mind when he finally decides to tell you about the lives that he has lived. He will listen to yours and have empathy and not sympathy, not because he doesn’t care, but because he a is a man and won’t allow his mindset to even venture into the mind of a woman because he respects how complex women are.

To know him is to know he wants to know who and what has ever hurt you, so he can make sure it never happens again. Knowing him is not something that happens overnight, it takes time. When he is in complete silence don’t get upset, let him have his time of peace, just because he has told you about his past doesn’t mean his scars have healed.

To know him is to love and hate him because both of those words go hand in hand. Some will disagree with that, but I could careless I’m just blessed that I even know him……..

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