I Think

I think I’ll miss his eyes the most, or they say he calls me “babbbyyyy”! I think I’ll miss the way he hugs me like he hasn’t seen me in years, I think most of all I’ll miss knowing he really does love me. I think eventually he‘ll miss my voice imitating the people in his life I observe that only want to use him. I think our spirits will call out to each other, especially knowing the distance between us is not far. I think if we had thought our situation out completely, I wouldn’t be be doing all this thinking.

I think our zodiac signs are a really good match, I also think we could have made a home together no matter where we would have chosen to reside. I think when we eventually cross paths again we will only speak with our eyes. I think he is my “twin flame”, but the universe always plays the ironic game, because I met and think of the man of my dreams but he already has a wife…. I think he is the one, but not in this lifetime.

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