I’m worth any and everything I want and so are YOU. My goal everyday is to learn something new about myself. I pray for growth continuous awareness of people and things that are toxic to me. Honestly just like others I tend to be my own worse enemy, and I don’t want to stand in my own way, especially my way that leads to ultimate greatness. Like lately I’ve been losing people and things and I would question stuff like that, but now I just look at it as God working…. I know the God I serve always turns chaotic situations in my life into symphonies and I’m always humbled to see and hear how the show beautifully plays out.

Greatness and happiness is something we all deserve, but we have to work for it just like we would for anything else, Yes, we all fall down sometimes a little bit more than others, but that doesn’t mean it’s the end. Get your as up and get what is yours. God loves you enough, so meet him halfway and be who he created you to be and not what other want you to be.

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