No one ever really goes unnoticed however the disregard of a person because they are different is pretty much sending the same message. I like people who are different or they don’t let other people dictate their movement or alter their thoughts. The one that will be the under dog, because they know at some point the hard work will pay off, but because they have been labeled crazy, difficult, weird….. etc. They won’t notice that the people who were paying attention so much so that they were making sure others weren’t seeing the greatness they saw will have failed at their job. You are not unnoticed everyone sees you and that’s the problem right it may seem like no one likes you, what you say doesn’t matter, you are beyond the petty shit, you are awake to things that simple-minded people wouldn’t even comprehend, and you are a risk-taker no matter how crazy you look.

Go unnoticed so it can seem that your success came out of nowhere, but pay attention to the ones that turned their backs and threw dirt on your name. I guarantee those will be the main ones claiming they knew how great you were all along and you’ll realize what the real meaning of being unnoticed. I know the silence might be really loud right now, however I know that it will be worth it in the end. You’re not alone even though it feels like it, you always have God and your family might think that you have changed and really don’t treat you the same and that is fine, because even if you only have that one friend who excepts you for you be thankful. You are not unnoticed you just aren’t normal and thank God for that because if you just keep pushing you’ll change the world in your own way.

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