Don’t Be Scared

Shiners!!! That is what I call a woman that can just walk in a room and make it her own. I believe that is a beautiful thing. Unfortunately, we have these women that are so shady and they can’t handle the women with the light, because they know that not even on their best day they couldn’t stand a chance. Not knowing if they would just invest as much time in themselves as they do other women they possibly obtain their own light. These women know and see your potential so they will so any and everything to dim your light…. if only it were that easy.

Women that have that shine are truly unstoppable, not saying they don’t have their days but they know that everything can be handled. Not just with a smile but prayer, faith, hope, and love. I am a SHINER and I know that my shine was not given to me by anyone on this earth at all, so why would I give anyone the satisfaction or thought that they can dim it or take it away. As women, a lot try to put other’s down or do their best to not make others see the light and that is a mystery that I do not care to solve. As women we know when we encounter another woman with a light we will either reject it or embrace it . I choose to embrace whatever greatness another woman has to offer. I gain NOTHING by trying to dim someone else’s light….. So, if you are a woman that walks in the light and with your light, ignore the negativity, it’s coming from another woman’s insecurity, all because they are scared to live in their truth. So shine on, eventually they might catch on…

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