Never Get It Twisted

So I don’t think people really understand the saying, “thank God for growth”! That means the person saying it was once probably a Beast…. I am one of those people. I don’t respect anyone that has an imaginary problem with me in their head, even when brought to my attention by someone else, because the person with the problem isn’t brave enough to bring it to my face themselves. The old me might lose, let it go, or beat your ass for bringing that garbage to my face… However, with me realizing that I can’t do stuff like that and getting angry doesn’t solve anything because with growth you realize that the problem isn’t within me it’s within them, I can now be a “lady” and just talk and clear the air.

Honestly, not being able to confront someone and always having a middle person is soooooo Junior High. Every now and then a person might catch me slipping and the old me might resurface, but that is not my fault, know a person before you walk up with that BS. Not everyone is going to just let stuff slide EVER.

But please DO NOT EVER GET Twisted….. Don’t let your mouth write a check that your ass can’t cash, because the “old me” might not be agreeing with my “Growth” on that every occasion.

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