Unapologetically Dark Skin Woman

I’ve had run in with dudes that have said, “I’m not usually attracted to dark skin women” and it kills me because I’m disappointed because WHO TOLD YOU THAT IS SOMETHING COOL TO SAY!!! If my darkness bothers you go away… I’m not attracted to idiots but here your colorist ass is staring me in my face like you just gave me a compliment…! I mean check this out all shades of skin tone are beautiful to me I even have two beautiful mix children that can prove color doesn’t stand a chance when dealing with me, because I was taught love had no color. Sadly, I hear the dark skin comment the most from my own race and it’s kinda heartbreaking…

However, you can kiss my ass because I love my skin and everything it contains within. You sir have life fucked up if you think I’m losing anything because of my coloration… like who really thinks that way, who raised you, why do you exist… etc. I’m ugly just because I’m a darker tone black woman! We are killing our women these days in more than one (the true definition of beauty is so lost we as women can’t stick together because men can so easily come between us) way, and if I were insecure about my skin I would be probably bleaching my skin by now, instead I just shrug my shoulders because two things I won’t let happen and that is let my skin tone make me start hating on other women and put in my head I’m not good enough because my version of chocolate is darker.

Like real deal I have always been secure in my skin as. I will remain an unapologetic dark skin woman for the rest of my life…

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