It Will Always Be Him

I know it’s not fair to any dude I come across, because they don’t stand a chance against him… we were young and in love, but it wasn’t even wild and crazy it was lesson after lesson. I was falling in love with myself and he was there to experience it with me. I thought I had loved before him, I was wrong. He was a young man falling in love with a young woman trying to find her way in a confusing world and it was vice versa. The sound of his voice, the feel of his lips, the feeling of never getting enough of each other in every aspect and the thought that all of this is so unexpected you can’t help but to explore…

It will always be him, because he is the only love that I want and need to know… that feeling of knowing that this person was created just for me and I for him during that season of my life, but we were so young trying to navigate through a situation called love that neither of us had ever known… we didn’t have a rule book. So, when it didn’t work out we didn’t know how to handle that either, and years later we still don’t, all we know is what we had or what I know is he set a standard and unfortunately it hasn’t been reached. I don’t want any other kind of love except for that love… his love…. or whatever.

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