It’s Just Love

Without Love I am truly nothing and that is something that I feel everyone has in common…. Love. It just brings so many things to light no matter how you define it, feel it, and insert it within your life and your heart. Love is such an amazingly powerful and painful experience, but we learn so much from it. Even when I feel heartbreak I know that it’s a lesson about love and to not “apply” it in a situation that can be damaging like that again. Love brings pleasure if it is real and you want to experience it over and over again never wanting that pleasure to stop and if you are blessed it won’t you just have to navigate it to the point that you can change with it and not fight it. Falling in love with yourself can give you a chance to invite someone into your life so that they can enjoy your this new found love for yourself with someone else and that is okay. Just like we fall in and out of love with others, that applies to us as well. Love is what makes the world go around, it can make you or break you, love can make you strong especially if you are in a situation where you could choose hate and you wouldn’t be wrong for it. Love can make you blind as fuck, but if you already have self love you won’t experience the loss of sight. Love is so many things good and bad, but without it we are nothing…. Love is my hero!

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