Nobody Knows

People really piss me off when they act like they have been through every step of life with me. I only know my story personally and only hear what others choose to tell about their own lives, and only then can I empathize. Sympathy happens if something very similar has taken place in my life as another person. But, there are some people out there that have been around you and feel like they have witnessed certain things that they have seen happened to you and you may have handled it like it was nothing on the outside, however on the inside you felt as if you were dying. Strength is not the same with each person, and what may make me just shrug my shoulders may, have another person going crazy and vice versa. That’s why when people say I feel your pain, but you need to handle it a different way I look at them like they are crazy… you feel my pain how? I could be wanting to act a straight fool and stand there with a smile on my face like nothing ever happened. Stop guessing peoples’ feeling or thinking that you know what’s best for another person, because you aren’t that person. I’m a “do and feel how you want” type of person because at the end of the day it is you that you have to deal with. Basically just let people live, you are not them and no matter how much you empathize or sympathize you will never truly understand what’s goin on in another person’s heart or head….

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