Absolutely Crazy

At this present time and with all that is going in the world, please understand that we are all just winging the hell out of life right now. There is so much going on it seems as if we are all losing our freaking minds. I’m definitely understanding Bon Jovi “Livin on a Prayer”, so heavy at this point. I’m just waiting for God to turn all of this chaos into a symphony. The devil and his demons are definitely working over time for us to destroy our own selves, but at the same time I believe that people are just evil without the help of any evil forces. Trying to love in this world right now is so hard, everyone is so selfish and it makes it hard for people who really want justice and peace to live right now. But I salute all the ones like me who are “winging” it, because one thing I do know for sure is that trouble does not and will not last always it can’t. Darkness can not cover light no matter what.

There is something bigger going on and we are all distracted by the wrong things what the world needs now more than anything is to be quiet and focus on love. Fake it until you make it…. Wing the hell out of life because none of us a perfect at all. Love God and Love People. And don’t be ashamed if you feel lost in this time of day….. Because at this point we all do.

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