I wish my attention span was long, because I can really care one day and not even give it a second thought the next. Somethings and people you just can’t dwell on, because it takes to much energy, with so much going on in the the world right now, I know that tomorrow is not promised to any of us. I learned that feelings for a person don’t have to last a lifetime, so I don’t give to much to a situation if I feel like this might be some bull. I hate for my time to be wasted I love ME too much for anyone to have that much power over my feelings. I like to call things and people that I receive a certain a kind of “waste my time energy” SITUATIONS. I might have thought a situation would play out differently at the moment, then after some deep thought (maybe 15 minutes) and a good nights sleep that, that situation was only meant for just that moment. Overthinking is some of our biggest enemies, because of all the scenarios that we think could happen. I see it like this either the situation will play itself out the way it’s supposed to or you can move on and experience other situations that can evolve into great things. I know that I want and deserve so my short attention span is helpful, from that standpoint, because I’m not distracted that easily.

Every situation does not deserve your long-term attention especially if you believe in your final destination, you’ll know if that situation deserves for you to take a detour or not.

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