Can’t Stop Change!

The only thing constant in this world that we live in (especially these days) is CHANGE!! There is nothing that we can do about it, but if you are a person who has always accepted the concept that “change” is real you don’t panic when it starts to happens. I once hated change because it made me feel uncomfortable, however now I know that I wasn’t uncomfortable I was growing in the moment. Paying attention to every movement and every person that was or would be involved in the change going on in my life.

Change is sometimes scary, because it starts a new season, and thought process. Change can cause confusion and that confusion can lead to exposing people’s true selves so during change you may lose people that you thought would be with you until the very end. Most of all you learn about yourself and what you stand for and what do you really want out of life. Sometimes, change requires isolation and healing which could lead to losing people and yourself in a way. Change is unstoppable, however it is necessary, some people don’t change though they resist it and end up in the same place and wonder why.

I ask God to change me all the time because I want to reach my fullest potential and purpose on this earth… and I’m never prepared for the change when it happens, and sometimes I fight it, but seriously how could I fight for what I asked for, especially knowing that it is going to make me a better person. When you are going through change and the people around you don’t understand EVEN if you have explained it to them… do not be surprised that you may lose these people and it will be heartbreaking, you will be talked about, and most of all misunderstood, but that is not your problem… Watch God not people. Willful change is wanting more greatness, and that is between you and the God that you serve. Change is going to happen regardless, just make sure you’re changing into a better person that knows the importance of self love and growth…. and not changing into and evil, vengeful, and ignorant person. And for God sakes please don’t be just sitting there not changing at all.

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