At All

Sorry Not Sorry!

Listen! (or read lol)….. I could care less if what I say or do hurts anyone’s feelings, only because I believe people have become so soft and sensitive and I’ve gotten to the point and I think EVERYBODY should stop taking things so personally. Life is crazy for all of us and everyone has a story and everyone is going through something. I hate that we live in a world where people try to make their problem or problems bigger than others just for the sake of attention. Like, GET YOUR LIFE!!

So, forgive me for focusing on what is really going on. Forgive me for working on myself and my problems by myself that way I don’t have to add others to my problems. At this point everyone should be figuring out what is going on within themselves instead of figuring out what they feel is wrong with others. Don’t get me wrong I love some good “tea” every now and then, however I will never let myself become so consumed in other people’s stuff, that I let mess keep piling up in my life and I have to hide my mess. I do not care about what anybody else has going on and I don’t feel bad about that at all, because that is just not my business. This is why I rarely give advice and let people make their own decisions, UNLESS that decision will involve me. Other than that it really is not that serious and I do not care.

Some may think that not caring is heartless, however I’ve been around long enough and paid attention to the blessings and the lessons to know what and who to care about. So, so when I do say “I don’t care”, I mean it in the most respectful way possible. And if I ever cared and I stop….. I will NEVER care again.

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