That Was Crazy

Shit Was Crazy

I don’t believe in love at first sight, I’m not saying it is not possible… I just don’t believe it can happen like that. So, it wasn’t a love at first sight situation at all we saw each other and exchanged numbers and started communicating on the regular. I hesitated hanging out with him because I had checked his social media and saw he was very popular with the ladies and I didn’t want to become one of those ladies acting like I was hungry for his attention. Like, I would only communicate with him when he reached out to me (that’s how I’ve always been anyway) and I would keep the conversations short.

Then he called me one morning, and wanted to hang out I asked him numerous questions, I asked questions that didn’t even need to be asked, because I had already made up in my mind that I wanted to see him. Definitely the worst and best decision that I have ever made and I definitely don’t regret it. The whole day was amazing from that phone call in the morning, to us meeting, and then us saying goodbye… He text me like two times after he made sure I got home. And guess what I NEVER HEARD from him again (thank God I didn’t have sex with him)! When I think about it that is crazy like dude went ghost without me even noticing until like a week passed. We had formed an emotional bond and I believe that is one of the most dangerous “love traps” ever. I guess I didn’t really pay attention to his absence because we met over the holidays so we had a lot more time to communicate. So, when the holiday time was over we went back to our own busy worlds, but once the weekend hit and I didn’t hear from him I was disappointed, because I had let him inside of my mind and in a weird way my heart. That’s crazy I know, I reached out one time and he never responded so I let it go (even if I’m hurt, I will let go if the situation does not value me). We weren’t even dating and this dude freaking broke my heart. Some lessons we have to learn even if we think that we can go without them…. The lesson I learned is just live in the moment, because even though he was a nice guy, maybe I was just supposed to enjoy his company….. the lesson was a little bit of pleasure sometimes is worth a whole lot of pain.

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