God is so Real

Check this out….. When you really want to experience life to the fullest… understand GOD is so lit. I am far from perfect and I’ve some low down stuff, but to know that I serve a God that never will and never has left my life and got me out of every stupid situation that I got my self into is unimaginable. I was getting tired of faking like everything was alright especially when it wasn’t. I was breaking down in front of people, straight destroying myself and no one even noticed.

I grew up going to church, but it wasn’t until I was a teenager that I learned that I alone had to have my own personal relationship with God to make it through this life. I would get close and then I would try to run and He always reminded me that the peace that I want and need can only be provided through Him. This past year I’ve had to go through a lot and I could my feel my spirit not agreeing with things and people that I would just ignore just to make others comfortable. And then I was like nope, I don’t care who I lose in the process, but God is letting me know through my spirit it’s time for you to come home and be the person that I created you to be. Somethings and people are hard to walk away from, so God will allow the enemy to come in and cause confusion until you understand that is not where you need to be anymore.

I think when I tell people I’m on a “spiritual journey” they take it as a religious type of situation. Religion to me is what the people all agree on inside of a building of who God is. My spiritual journey is totally and completely just God and I…. I’m letting him strengthen my spirit, because obviously when I rely on my flesh I don’t make the best decisions, but if my spirit is strong then I can control my flesh. After all, my spirit is a special piece of God inside of me and I want it to be as lit as possible inside and out. Understand I’m not trying to be perfect I’m still going to be me just a better version, I want to reach my highest purpose and potential in God, not man. All you have to do is ask for God to take over, and be ready, because when He takes over it will seem like all hell is let loose in your life, and it’s not going to make sense. There are still things that I’m not understanding. I just want to be love and light, and everything in me that’s not right in me to take it away….. And God is showing up and showing out.

Disclaimer: You will lose friends, you will be misunderstood, you will feel and see things within yourself that you hadn’t noticed before…. and so much more, but greater is He that is in you, than he that in the world, you are more than a conqueror.

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