Okay…. Bye

And I mean that from my soul!

I remember a guy breaking up with me and when he got to my front door he turned to me like, “aren’t you going to say anything”, but all I could say was, “okay, bye”! If I am not putting up a fight through my actions or words to make the relationship work, obviously at some point you had already lost me awhile ago. So “okay, bye”, is really all that needs to be said to you. However, for some reason I have exes that like to inform me when they have moved on (I’m not sure why but it is a reality that I face). Then I say, “Congrats”, because now you are someone else’s problem and not on my nerves. But I mean that Congrats from the deepest part of my soul, also I make sure that I tell them to send my love to whoever she is, because she is going to need it. Okay, bye…. you are not hurting feelings over this way, I said my proper goodbye. I’ve never understood the notion that jealousy lies deep within us all, I don’t believe that to be true, my ex finding someone else to waste time with is nothing to be jealous about that is why I “send my love”, the poor woman is going to need it. Silence is dangerous and using so little to say like, “Okay, bye” to close a chapter that I might have once believed could have been my happily ever after, is so loud. When did it turn from speaking so many words to each other, and me ending things with just two. It’s so complicated with goodbyes no matter how you end with someone.

The only thing that we can depend on to happen in this world is CHANGE!!! Send love, because you would want the same in return for the person…. and it just sounds so sophisticated that’s the real reason why I say it!

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