Kelli Brooks

Daughter of the Most High, mother, blogger, certified motivational life coach, aspiring author, cheer coach…. etc.

Being able to share my stories and life experiences is the most amazing thing and I can honestly only give credit to me Creator for allowing me to somewhat understand my purpose on this earth. All the things that I have achieved up until this point is life is strictly based on paying attention to every raindrop during the storm I was going through at the time. I only speak on what I know. And starting a blog was the last thing on my mind, because I had never really given much thought to it. My purpose is “people” so the idea of having a blog only made sense, I want to reach people especially women any way that I can. So they know this battle is not yours at all, to believe the impossible, and live your life without worrying who is watching. When I learned to face my fears and place them behind me, because it had no real hold on me, my life started to change in a beautiful way. And finally when I became okay with being MISUNDERSTOOD I started to have a peace that passed my understanding and I felt joy like a river flowing, I had entered a placed where I could really impact and love others, so I could bring forth a message that would make my purpose more purposeful and the glory could all go to God and I’d be standing, living, and speaking my truth I’d be ready…. I’m ready!

I am here for you, to motivate and inspire those who think they are alone, those who don’t fit in, and those that are ready to stand in their truth…. PeriodT