Never Get It Twisted

So I don’t think people really understand the saying, “thank God for growth”! That means the person saying it was once probably a Beast…. I am one of those people. I don’t respect anyone that has an imaginary problem with me in their head, even when brought to my attention by someone else, because the […]

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Don’t Be Scared

Shiners!!! That is what I call a woman that can just walk in a room and make it her own. I believe that is a beautiful thing. Unfortunately, we have these women that are so shady and they can’t handle the women with the light, because they know that not even on their best day […]

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To Know Him

To know him is to both love and hate him. To love him is a feeling of complete bliss and happiness that you don’t want to end, but in the back of your mind you know it will end eventually. To hate him feels like you will go out of your way to do things […]

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Some people don’t need or want closure, I am not one of those people. I have to understand and talk out what happened and what went wrong and if I’m blaming another person for a problem that I helped create. I want to ask for forgiveness in where I hurt the other person (now what […]

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I love tootsie roll candy always have and always will, even though the older I get the less of the less I can eat. When I met him,  at the age that I was I could eat a whole bag within my 5 hour shift at my very first job in the mall at the age […]

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Baby Mama Drama…

The thing is not all baby mama’s are not crazy, actually a lot of us are sane. We trying to live our life and co-parent like we should because we understand that the CHILD is the most important person in the situation. So shit may have went down between the two people that got together […]

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Easier Said…. Than Done

No matter if it is family, friendship, or relationship sometimes we have to let go of people that aren’t good for us. We outgrow people all the time and it is normal, but it is needed if we want to grow into the who we are supposed to be. I don’t think we understand, (I […]

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You Win, I Quit!

When I meet someone new and we begin the journey of “getting to know each other” and this can apply to friendship or relationship, I always use the rule “treat others how you want to be treated”. I make my intentions clear and ask the other person of theirs. I am loyal to a fault, […]

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Here You Come Again

“Here you come again, just when I was about to make it work without you”. When I hear those lyrics in the song by Dolly Parton, “Here You Come Again,”. It makes me smile, because I believe that most of us have experienced something similar. For example, I had just ended a 2 year relationship […]

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Simple Things

It’s amazing how possible things could be, however we get in our way. We tend to focus on two things: the past and the future….. totally disregarding our present. And that is the quickest way to fail. Dream boards, affirmations, and trying to manifest things up in our mind is all great, but it takes […]

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