I’ll Take Your Man

Dear Sis, I promise this is coming straight from a place of love. If you really believe in your heart of hearts that the man you are now with left his woman JUST FOR YOU is a reality, sadly you are beyond delusional! You didn’t do anything but acquire another woman’s problems. If you’re in […]

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It’ Not Me…. It’s You

Honestly, it is you and not me, and I refuse to believe that it is the other way around. You can not say, “you want me” and your actions are screaming it’s not like that. So what an I supposed to do blame myself for you lack of action or do I move on. I […]

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Baby Mama Drama…

The thing is not all baby mama’s are not crazy, actually a lot of us are sane. We trying to live our life and co-parent like we should because we understand that the CHILD is the most important person in the situation. So shit may have went down between the two people that got together […]

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Here You Come Again

“Here you come again, just when I was about to make it work without you”. When I hear those lyrics in the song by Dolly Parton, “Here You Come Again,”. It makes me smile, because I believe that most of us have experienced something similar. For example, I had just ended a 2 year relationship […]

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I have and ex that tries to hit me up every now and again to “check” on me. Basically his ass is just being nosey, and depending on the day I will entertain this ex to make sure he keeps the contact short. Most of you will ask why even entertain him….. I guess because […]

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He Hit Me

It’s all sunshine and roses, until the same hand that he used to caress your body, starts caressing your body in a different kind of way and that new way hurts. I never understood the whole concept of being in a physically abusive relationship….. until of course I found myself in one. Let me make […]

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Boy Bye, but Be Great

Dear Ex or Exes, My dad always told me,”Nana (his nickname for me) if someone give you their ass to kiss, KICK them in it. But, I didn’t know it would apply to my relationships with men that I thought I cared for, the lies we tell ourselves when it comes to love. Anyway,  well I […]

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Stop It

When I was around 15 yrs old I was messing around with this older guy, (I was a freshman and he was a senior) the reason why I say “messing around is because he had a girlfriend who had graduated the year prior and I of course had a boyfriend. We were kids we didn’t […]

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Not Worth It

Believe it or not there are people in this world that actually have nothing to lose, and unfortunately they target people that have actual things to lose. Sometimes you can ignore these people, but every now and then you want to slap the hell out of these hoes. The jail time isn’t worth it, because […]

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For Better or For Worse

A couple years ago I was invited to a get together and only women were invited, (I definitely appreciated the invitation) I’m still not quite sure why I got invited, but hey I learned something that night…… Did you know that some women are actually taught that NO MATTER WHAT your man does you should […]

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