What Was The Point?

(Singing) “How did you get here”. Like, seriously where in the hell did you come from. Have you ever met a person that just popped up in your life by chance and contributed absolutely nothing. I know every thing and person comes into your life for a season and reason…… but there is always that […]

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Checking Phones….

I do not and refuse to check my man’s phone it makes no sense. I’m not going to be with a man if I feel like that I should be checking his phone, relationships are built on trust. Everyone I ask what’s the most important quality they want in a relationship the answer is usually […]

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I Left the Door Unlocked

He promised me that he would come home as soon as he was done working, I noticed that he left his house key on the kitchen counter, so I left the door unlocked. He left with a kiss on the forehead as he always did… The first night that he didn’t come home I was worried, […]

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My Man was Her Man

I cried with her, listened to her for countless hours, dropped what I had going on, and I don’t regret that because she was my best friend. I listened to her complain about her man doing this and her man doing that, no matter though I was there…. However, now at this point as I […]

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I Had To Leave For You To Care

Crazy thing is leaving takes a lot to do. I had a boyfriend that I really cared about, but he thought that it was okay to stay out all night, talk to other women, and he definitely wasn’t treating me like he had at the beginning of our relationship. He had pulled an old school […]

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Love and War

Love and War in MY opinion is basically the same thing, because either way you are fighting for something. I do believe that you can have one and not the other. Either you believe and stay for love, or you end a relationship and begin to fight a war within yourself about what you are […]

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Say a Little Prayer for You

Seriously, I say a little prayer for dudes that try to take a woman’s kindness for a weakness, and after I say “Amen” I smile. A woman’s heart is nothing to play with when we reach our breaking point, understand our breaking point includes more than just us coming to a realization that we are […]

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My Man’s Best Friend

Thankfully I learned this lesson a long time ago, but I was old enough to receive the lesson completely. I hate when women give advice that is not volunteered and say phrases like, “girl what you won’t do for your man another woman will.” And if that happens he will be by himself or with […]

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Cry Me a River

Read and read this clearly…. Karma is real call it the Universe or whatever. But what ever you do to somebody out of malicious intent is going to come back and bite you in the ASS. Be careful what you say, think, do, or want to happen to someone because it’s going to come back […]

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Dear Side Chicks

Dear Side Chicks, I’m writing this to you (whether you are knowingly or without knowledge that you are a side chick) as a former side chick myself. To let you know that I know the feeling of what you are going through. The broken promises, the thoughts that eventually he will leave her, (but then […]

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