At All

Listen! (or read lol)….. I could care less if what I say or do hurts anyone’s feelings, only because I believe people have become so soft and sensitive and I’ve gotten to the point and I think EVERYBODY should stop taking things so personally. Life is crazy for all of us and everyone has a […]

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The only thing constant in this world that we live in (especially these days) is CHANGE!! There is nothing that we can do about it, but if you are a person who has always accepted the concept that “change” is real you don’t panic when it starts to happens. I once hated change because it […]

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I wish my attention span was long, because I can really care one day and not even give it a second thought the next. Somethings and people you just can’t dwell on, because it takes to much energy, with so much going on in the the world right now, I know that tomorrow is not […]

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Absolutely Crazy

At this present time and with all that is going in the world, please understand that we are all just winging the hell out of life right now. There is so much going on it seems as if we are all losing our freaking minds. I’m definitely understanding Bon Jovi “Livin on a Prayer”, so […]

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Never Get It Twisted

So I don’t think people really understand the saying, “thank God for growth”! That means the person saying it was once probably a Beast…. I am one of those people. I don’t respect anyone that has an imaginary problem with me in their head, even when brought to my attention by someone else, because the […]

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No one ever really goes unnoticed however the disregard of a person because they are different is pretty much sending the same message. I like people who are different or they don’t let other people dictate their movement or alter their thoughts. The one that will be the under dog, because they know at some […]

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I’ll Take Your Man

Dear Sis, I promise this is coming straight from a place of love. If you really believe in your heart of hearts that the man you are now with left his woman JUST FOR YOU is a reality, sadly you are beyond delusional! You didn’t do anything but acquire another woman’s problems. If you’re in […]

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Baby Mama Drama…

The thing is not all baby mama’s are not crazy, actually a lot of us are sane. We trying to live our life and co-parent like we should because we understand that the CHILD is the most important person in the situation. So shit may have went down between the two people that got together […]

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Simple Things

It’s amazing how possible things could be, however we get in our way. We tend to focus on two things: the past and the future….. totally disregarding our present. And that is the quickest way to fail. Dream boards, affirmations, and trying to manifest things up in our mind is all great, but it takes […]

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Dream Catcher

I love have always found beauty in “dream catchers”, because they hold many different meanings. People are dream catcher’s without even knowing it. I was one of those people. I would think I know that I’m talented in so many different areas, but out of fear and knowing that even though I was talented in […]

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