You Win, I Quit!

When I meet someone new and we begin the journey of “getting to know each other” and this can apply to friendship or relationship, I always use the rule “treat others how you want to be treated”. I make my intentions clear and ask the other person of theirs. I am loyal to a fault, […]

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I have and ex that tries to hit me up every now and again to “check” on me. Basically his ass is just being nosey, and depending on the day I will entertain this ex to make sure he keeps the contact short. Most of you will ask why even entertain him….. I guess because […]

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Boy Bye, but Be Great

Dear Ex or Exes, My dad always told me,”Nana (his nickname for me) if someone give you their ass to kiss, KICK them in it. But, I didn’t know it would apply to my relationships with men that I thought I cared for, the lies we tell ourselves when it comes to love. Anyway,  well I […]

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Don’t Break My Heart

I hate when you start to get serious with a dude and he says, “I love you”, and you already know that you love the dude, but you waited for him to say it. I always have the same response, “don’t break my heart”. That is all I ask for do not break my heart and […]

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Yes, “I love you”, is my favorite lie that women and men use to sometimes manipulate a person’s mind. I find it quite humorous, but some fall for it and that’s fine too. I just notice that it comes at the most unexpected times, like when you’re questioning if the other person really likes you, […]

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Stop It

When I was around 15 yrs old I was messing around with this older guy, (I was a freshman and he was a senior) the reason why I say “messing around is because he had a girlfriend who had graduated the year prior and I of course had a boyfriend. We were kids we didn’t […]

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For Better or For Worse

A couple years ago I was invited to a get together and only women were invited, (I definitely appreciated the invitation) I’m still not quite sure why I got invited, but hey I learned something that night…… Did you know that some women are actually taught that NO MATTER WHAT your man does you should […]

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Bad Timing

It was so dark in that movie theater, but I could feel someone watching me. And all I was thinking and praying was whoever is watching me was “please don’t follow me home”! The movie ends the lights come back on and I could still feel the eyes, but now with the lights on I could […]

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What Was The Point?

(Singing) “How did you get here”. Like, seriously where in the hell did you come from. Have you ever met a person that just popped up in your life by chance and contributed absolutely nothing. I know every thing and person comes into your life for a season and reason…… but there is always that […]

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Checking Phones….

I do not and refuse to check my man’s phone it makes no sense. I’m not going to be with a man if I feel like that I should be checking his phone, relationships are built on trust. Everyone I ask what’s the most important quality they want in a relationship the answer is usually […]

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