Check this out….. When you really want to experience life to the fullest… understand GOD is so lit. I am far from perfect and I’ve some low down stuff, but to know that I serve a God that never will and never has left my life and got me out of every stupid situation that […]

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That Was Crazy

I don’t believe in love at first sight, I’m not saying it is not possible… I just don’t believe it can happen like that. So, it wasn’t a love at first sight situation at all we saw each other and exchanged numbers and started communicating on the regular. I hesitated hanging out with him because […]

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The only thing constant in this world that we live in (especially these days) is CHANGE!! There is nothing that we can do about it, but if you are a person who has always accepted the concept that “change” is real you don’t panic when it starts to happens. I once hated change because it […]

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I wish my attention span was long, because I can really care one day and not even give it a second thought the next. Somethings and people you just can’t dwell on, because it takes to much energy, with so much going on in the the world right now, I know that tomorrow is not […]

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His Name is a Prayer

The thing is you meet people and say things like… It feels like I’ve known this person my whole life, and the reality is you haven’t known this person your whole life. I’m very much so the type of person that when I vibe with someone (which doesn’t happen often) I lose all logic, because […]

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Out Of Time

The thing is I thought we were perfect for each other, but turns out I was in love with the friendship and made the mistake in thinking we should take things further. It happens like that sometimes, you meet a person and fall in love with their personality which enhances the looks and the romantic […]

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It’s Just Love

Without Love I am truly nothing and that is something that I feel everyone has in common…. Love. It just brings so many things to light no matter how you define it, feel it, and insert it within your life and your heart. Love is such an amazingly powerful and painful experience, but we learn […]

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Not Yet

You could be ready and he may seem ready and then it goes south. Some people like to talk that talk but can’t walk that walk and that is not your fault. You can’t make someone be ready for some that only YOU are prepared for. And I know it sucks, but there is nothing […]

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It Will Always Be Him

I know it’s not fair to any dude I come across, because they don’t stand a chance against him… we were young and in love, but it wasn’t even wild and crazy it was lesson after lesson. I was falling in love with myself and he was there to experience it with me. I thought […]

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Unapologetically Dark Skin Woman

I’ve had run in with dudes that have said, “I’m not usually attracted to dark skin women” and it kills me because I’m disappointed because WHO TOLD YOU THAT IS SOMETHING COOL TO SAY!!! If my darkness bothers you go away… I’m not attracted to idiots but here your colorist ass is staring me in […]

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