Never Get It Twisted

So I don’t think people really understand the saying, “thank God for growth”! That means the person saying it was once probably a Beast…. I am one of those people. I don’t respect anyone that has an imaginary problem with me in their head, even when brought to my attention by someone else, because the […]

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Don’t Be Scared

Shiners!!! That is what I call a woman that can just walk in a room and make it her own. I believe that is a beautiful thing. Unfortunately, we have these women that are so shady and they can’t handle the women with the light, because they know that not even on their best day […]

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That’s My Best Friend

So I prayed for a best friend, and it took years because just like a partner…God was preparing us both for an unbreakable bond! We don’t always get along or see eye to eye (most the time we get along and see eye to eye)… we cultivate our friendship like it’s a relationship because good […]

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I’m worth any and everything I want and so are YOU. My goal everyday is to learn something new about myself. I pray for growth continuous awareness of people and things that are toxic to me. Honestly just like others I tend to be my own worse enemy, and I don’t want to stand in […]

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I Think

I think I’ll miss his eyes the most, or they say he calls me “babbbyyyy”! I think I’ll miss the way he hugs me like he hasn’t seen me in years, I think most of all I’ll miss knowing he really does love me. I think eventually he‘ll miss my voice imitating the people in […]

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Closure Make sure to go listen to my podcast: Grown Woman Business❤️

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To Know Him

To know him is to both love and hate him. To love him is a feeling of complete bliss and happiness that you don’t want to end, but in the back of your mind you know it will end eventually. To hate him feels like you will go out of your way to do things […]

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Some people don’t need or want closure, I am not one of those people. I have to understand and talk out what happened and what went wrong and if I’m blaming another person for a problem that I helped create. I want to ask for forgiveness in where I hurt the other person (now what […]

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Let It Roll Off

People are going to talk about you no matter, if you are doing good or bad, people will always be worried about what you have going on and it’s a weird kind of worry, because they know you have the potential to be FUCKING great. And I say let them do their job with the […]

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