Absolutely Crazy

At this present time and with all that is going in the world, please understand that we are all just winging the hell out of life right now. There is so much going on it seems as if we are all losing our freaking minds. I’m definitely understanding Bon Jovi “Livin on a Prayer”, so […]

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What About Your Friends?

Back in the day the word “friend” held a lot of value, unfortunately today it is the most fake word used. The word “friend” is just as important as the word love and it has to be used just like we use the word love when we mean it. Friendship is something that has to […]

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So This One Time

This a K.Brooks True Love Story: I’m literally always minding my business (really I do). My best friend at the time wanted to go to the club and I’m not really a club type of chick, but that night I decided to go. We get to the club and it is a Wednesday so it’s […]

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Love and Me

Dear Love, We are still on a journey, because you hold so many different definitions and actions. My personal experience holds two things confusion and clarity , meaning that I hate to love the feeling of love knowing that at any moment you can change into your other half which is hate. You can be […]

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