I’ll Take Your Man

Dear Sis, I promise this is coming straight from a place of love. If you really believe in your heart of hearts that the man you are now with left his woman JUST FOR YOU is a reality, sadly you are beyond delusional! You didn’t do anything but acquire another woman’s problems. If you’re in […]

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I have and ex that tries to hit me up every now and again to “check” on me. Basically his ass is just being nosey, and depending on the day I will entertain this ex to make sure he keeps the contact short. Most of you will ask why even entertain him….. I guess because […]

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My Man’s Best Friend

Thankfully I learned this lesson a long time ago, but I was old enough to receive the lesson completely. I hate when women give advice that is not volunteered and say phrases like, “girl what you won’t do for your man another woman will.” And if that happens he will be by himself or with […]

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Dear Side Chicks

Dear Side Chicks, I’m writing this to you (whether you are knowingly or without knowledge that you are a side chick) as a former side chick myself. To let you know that I know the feeling of what you are going through. The broken promises, the thoughts that eventually he will leave her, (but then […]

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When A Man Brings Up Your Past

Real talk we all have a past whether it be beautiful or a disaster and I doubt that people don’t experience both, however unless what a person has done in the past directly affects you, just like the person’s who’s past you have researched or somebody volunteered information that you didn’t ask for just leave […]

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Can We Still Be Friends?

I know this has been said to many of youafter a breakup that may have saw coming, or just shared a very intimate moment with (you know what I mean lol). And the person that you assumed shared the same undying love you had for them (I know I’m dramatic) pops up and hits you […]

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