I Think

I think I’ll miss his eyes the most, or they say he calls me “babbbyyyy”! I think I’ll miss the way he hugs me like he hasn’t seen me in years, I think most of all I’ll miss knowing he really does love me. I think eventually he‘ll miss my voice imitating the people in […]

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podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/grown-woman-business/id1462300853 Make sure to go listen to my podcast: Grown Woman Business❤️

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To Know Him

To know him is to both love and hate him. To love him is a feeling of complete bliss and happiness that you don’t want to end, but in the back of your mind you know it will end eventually. To hate him feels like you will go out of your way to do things […]

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Some people don’t need or want closure, I am not one of those people. I have to understand and talk out what happened and what went wrong and if I’m blaming another person for a problem that I helped create. I want to ask for forgiveness in where I hurt the other person (now what […]

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Let It Roll Off

People are going to talk about you no matter, if you are doing good or bad, people will always be worried about what you have going on and it’s a weird kind of worry, because they know you have the potential to be FUCKING great. And I say let them do their job with the […]

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I’ll Take Your Man

Dear Sis, I promise this is coming straight from a place of love. If you really believe in your heart of hearts that the man you are now with left his woman JUST FOR YOU is a reality, sadly you are beyond delusional! You didn’t do anything but acquire another woman’s problems. If you’re in […]

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It’ Not Me…. It’s You

Honestly, it is you and not me, and I refuse to believe that it is the other way around. You can not say, “you want me” and your actions are screaming it’s not like that. So what an I supposed to do blame myself for you lack of action or do I move on. I […]

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Happiness is beauty and hard to maintain… sometimes when you enter a relationship that happiness is there and it may seem to never go anywhere, but what happens when that happiness seems to just disappear. All of a sudden you change, your glow has left from the new love and the person who caused that […]

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He, She, and They

If I’m about to start a conversation with someone and the other person begins with “he said, she said, they said”, I immediately tune out from the conversation, because 99% of the time, he, she, and they will remain anonymous…. which leads me to the conclusion this is some bullshit. Like, seriously if something is […]

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I love tootsie roll candy always have and always will, even though the older I get the less of the less I can eat. When I met him,  at the age that I was I could eat a whole bag within my 5 hour shift at my very first job in the mall at the age […]

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