That Was Crazy

I don’t believe in love at first sight, I’m not saying it is not possible… I just don’t believe it can happen like that. So, it wasn’t a love at first sight situation at all we saw each other and exchanged numbers and started communicating on the regular. I hesitated hanging out with him because […]

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I have and ex that tries to hit me up every now and again to “check” on me. Basically his ass is just being nosey, and depending on the day I will entertain this ex to make sure he keeps the contact short. Most of you will ask why even entertain him….. I guess because […]

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Stop It

When I was around 15 yrs old I was messing around with this older guy, (I was a freshman and he was a senior) the reason why I say “messing around is because he had a girlfriend who had graduated the year prior and I of course had a boyfriend. We were kids we didn’t […]

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